Bunch of army poses.

HECU fighting zombies


US Army Checkpoint


HECU Sniper firing


Yet another sniper


HECU cleaning up


Amazing HECU spring


Landind VTOL. And this one is kinda shitty, but i like the idea.


VTOL carries soldier and mech into battle


Well, it took me some time.

Most of the posing is pretty awkward and stiff, the editing really needs to be overhauled and noise filters do not make most of the images look good. Not to mention that some of the bloom is excessive.

not terrible, but not great either, like Caboose said the posing is kinda awkward especially the way the one soldier is carrying his rifle in the picture with the scientists,

keep practicing and try looking at real pictures of how people carry weapons and try replicating those, also don’t over use filters and work on finding better camera angles.

stop drop and http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=203222


Also posings as stiff as my dick