Bunch of my latest works

Sorry for that title. I just don’t want to make a thread for every picture.





You make smoking look cooler.

First picture is really well done.

Alyx’s expression looks incredibly natural.

You get an art.

Oh my.

I’d say the texturing on the first one is actually overdone. But laughed at the second.

These are all well done. I like them all. Look like regular game screen shots and not edited Garrys Mod screen shots.

First picture impressed me. Nicely done.

в превью похожа на заблюренное синие говно, с лицами без эмоции.

Hmmm… Yea.

I absolutely love the first one. I can see a few errors but I don’t care.
The others are good too.

First one looks so HD, it could be out of a movie.
Nice job!

I can speak Russian too you know, but that doesn’t make me cooler. This is an English forum so speak that way. I fapped to first pic and laughed at the second, really well done!

Great stuff, keep up the good work.

first picture is easily one of the best i’ve seen in a long time, even though it has a few pretty obvious flaws. it’s just so well-composed and original.

The first one is rather bad, nobody holds a cig like that.
The rest are p. good tho.

That’s nice.
Art in your face :smiley:

are you serious

people hold them in plenty of different ways, that being one of the most common

The first one is awesome. Laughed at Gordon’s face on the second.

Not much in favor of the TF2 ones, but you did a very nice job.

O_O What happens with “A” letter on third pic? :wink: