bunch of q's on posing.

  1. Once when using the context menu for the faceposer, it “froze” and wouldn’t disappear, I couldn’t even open the spawn menu, only choose a face to pose. is this a known problem and is there a fix?
  2. How do I save stuff (poses) as duplications (dupes, I believe they’re called). Do I have to have advanced duplicator?
  3. Is it usual that when opening a saved game where there are two ragdolls no-collided with each other, overlapping each other, they are no longer no-collided, and stuff acts awkwardly with the ground (bounces on it and stops so that it’s a bit inside it)? Again, is there a good fix?
  1. I do not know.
  2. Yes, you must have Advanced Duplicator, it is vital to the GMod Experience.
  3. Yes. It’s Natural, the fix is to nocollide them again. I don’t know about the props.
  1. I figured… it seems pretty popular, probably for a reason
  2. I figured as much, sadly the question was more on the props though.

thanks! I’ll get adv dupe right now.

Once I spawned a heli that I “borrowed” from someone,I spawned it in another server.Once its done pasting,THE SOURCE ENGINE GOES CRAZY!The chopper was so big it broke the physics.That was fun…
EDIT:Yes I mean when the props sink/fall through and bounce on the ground,had to get server owner to restart the server after I spawned that heli…

so are you saying that the overlapping non-no-collided ragdolls “broke the physics”, as you put it, and made the props crazy?