Buncha Half-Life poses


Such boring material.

Nice angles, though.

Yeah, the posing is fine. I don’t see any overt errors in posture or composition.

Only gripe is that the subject matter is a bit dull.

Seen the first 4 in the edit pic thread :3

Some of these are in the thread where you post but don’t want to make a thread about it.

Looks like you did after all. :v:

These are pretty good.


Ohshi- I only pressed the button once, but it said it timed out. :frown:

The 4th screen is pretty nice .

I want the improved Alyx and Barney

5th is my favorite

Oh my…
Pictures about HL2? :psyboom:

Atleast it isn’t another L4D picture about Zoey or zombies, or Mw2/military picture.