Bunches of problems with GMOD

Hey guys, i’ve got a bunch of problems with gmod. The kinds of problems i’m having are EXTREMELY IRRITATING.

Problem One: Any weapon that has a scope feature has this thing where it plays the zooming animation but it just sticks at the end of the zooming animation to where you are looking at the scope, not through it.

Problem Two: Any RPG-based weapon excluding the base hl2 RPG spawns the missile prop. EXAMPLE: the Redeemer from Teta Bonita’s nuke pack 3 spawns a rocket prop that lays on the ground until you right click to guide it. then on top of that it doesnt explode on impact no matter what, so you have to click while guiding the rocket to make it explode

Most of the other problems are of the same deal where they wont fire like the SMAC, it WILL NOT fire no matter what.

Just ahead of time my OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. If you need more system specifications just ask.

If anyone knows how to fix this PLEASE reply.

Guys, please speak up if you know how to fix this!

Did you actually buy GMod?

Uh, Yes i did.


if a mod could kindly lock/delete this thread i’d appreciate it, i fixed it, thanks!