A 650hp beast spawned from hitlers vagina in the deepest bowels of fire and flame. This bad boy will rip up your local server with it’s fierce not two shits given attitude and the resolve of a hardened meathead.

It has ass tearing suspension geared to put a large fatty serving of justice directly into your colon, NOT EVEN KYLES MOTHER COULD STOP THIS THING!

With all that said, here is… the VW Class 1 Trophy KubelBuggy from Tibbles Motorsport LLC GMBH

You win. Period. The driving on that thing is absolutely perfect for what it is and the looks are spot on phenomenal.

I like the truck, the big fans in the rear made me lol

I can honestly say this thing drives perfectly.

Looks like a big golf buggy. I like.

This is a kubelwagen.
It kubels wagens.


You still need to tell me what GMBH means especially now since you are using it.

God my butt hurts.

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oh nice little vw.

Its a LITTLE bouncy for me, but incredibly awesome. A dynamic steering wheel would do it a lot of good IMO though. I really like it. (someone needs to teach me how to make engines).

I have to post the fin controlled terrain follower I made.

Not to shamelessly plug, but:

Oh sweet thanks

i don’t like that the suspension is so stiff and not very articulate

This thing is amazing.

You really should make the steering wheel work and maybe make the suspension smoother

I agree with the suspension bit, it looks unrealistic that it flies all over the place… but otherwise nicely done^^

The suspension traverse is alot. Most cars, the traverse is little.


On topic,
I personally don’t too much care for the sounds, but the rest is pleasing, better than anything I can come up with :v:

Looks like a lot of fun

I disagree this motherfucker and say it’s waaaaaaaaaaay too bouncy.

Why should your wheels surpass your hood? It’s BEYOND your wheel wells.