Bundled Addons & Complement Addons

Right now (if I’m correct) we have a system that makes addons & gamemode inherently tied together.
And that’s a very nice system.

The suggestion is this: Why not make it so that there’s also a secondary system that lets you add small, complement addons along with it? For example: an addon that slightly changes the movement behaviour while noclipped, or an addon that adds a simple tool useful in more than one scenario (e.g. an advanced physgun-like thing)

If my perception is all wrong feel free to correct me.

If I’m right, the idea is that instead of having small addons like this which change small things, you would instead fork the gamemode to make your own version with whatever edits you wanted.

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You can always use stuff like git submodules to include other code, with the plus side that dependency management is quite easy. We want to avoid dependency hell, where changes to addons can break hundereds of different gamemodes. The scope is much larger in s&box, it’s not just sandbox tools and entities anymore.

It often happens that while working on one project, you need to use another project from within it. Perhaps it’s a library that a third party developed or that you’re developing separately and using in multiple parent projects. A common issue arises in these scenarios: you want to be able to treat the two projects as separate yet still be able to use one from within the other.


I see. That is what I’m looking for. Thank you.