Bundles are downloading, but Rust won't load. Help?

So I try to load the game, and all of the bundles seem to be downloading properly.

Then, all of the bundles finish downloading, and nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nothing loads, everything disappears and I just get this screen.

Any idea what the issue is? Here are my specs:

Model: HP Pavilion dv6
Processor: Intel Core i3 CPU M330 2.13 GHz
RAM: 4.00 GB
System: Windows 7 64 bit
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce G105M with CUDA dedicated graphics card (I think it’s 512 MB)

I’m also using Chrome. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Several of us are having this issue will no resolve currently. Maybe when the office opens back up on Monday they can help us find a solution for it.

Have not tried to load this game up on my laptop yet.

Hey I think the problem you are having is that to server you are attempting to join is down. Downed servers still report the last amount of players they had at the time of the crash.

Try other servers. (More than one be down at the same time)

Alright thanks, I’ll wait a bit. I’ll check back in later.

tried that. its all over every server for me. i get this screen where im looking at some sort of garage building with a shadow of what looks like some random monster

Your browser could be dropping the connection after it finishes the bundle downloads. If you grab a bandwidth monitor, you can see if that is the case (just Google it, there are a ton of free simple ones that do the trick).

If it IS dropping the connection (once the download completes, the data transfers drop to under 1kb each way and doesn’t come back), then you could try the trick I use. Pull up one browser that will have to download the bundles and another with them already cached (I play in FireFox and use Chrome as the backup since it only has some of the bundle). Bring them both to the server list. Open up the server you want in the browser without the files cached, then click on the same server in the other browser.

Once the browser with the cached files loads all the files, it should connect to the server, then just close the other browser.

Basically what you are doing is forcing a connection to persist by using the extra browser. It maintains the data flow, and the cached browser’s data piggybacks on the other browser’s link.

I have never figured out why data connections will just arbitrarily drop after a certain point (which happens ALL over the web), but I’ve found the best way to fix it is to create a redundant data channel for the cached browser to piggy back off and it’s never failed me. Just remember to disconnect the redundant channel once the game loads up and connects so you aren’t using two spots on the server (as that’s very wasteful and doesn’t help the devs).

Part of the problem is probably the location I’m in doesn’t have the best internet connection. I have noticed that sometimes the downloading of the bundles seems to lag and pause. I’ll try this.

Alright, if you do go get a bandwidth monitor, I use “FreeMeter” since it runs under a GNU License and is the most basic diagnostic tool you can find. I have to use it because I run an IRC server on my machine and have to monitor network use so I don’t get my bandwidth throttled by the ISP for “overuse”.

When my bundles finish, the screen does the grey thing. BUT. it then takes me to a screen where im stuck, no inventory, staring at a garage, with some sort of moving shadow in it. on the console every 1 second it comes up with a message, and a number that goes up by 50 every time

No idea what that is DerpingDerp.

I just know with mine, if I don’t follow that work around, the bundles finish downloading and the game never loads up (in one of the older versions it would show “Loading [some engine name] resources” when the game was loading). If I didn’t do my work around, I wouldn’t ever see that loading message. Still have to do it (haven’t tried the new build that went live in the past 24 hours).

All I can recommend is that you try a different server. I had this problem ever since the DDoS’ing started but I got it fixed by playing on different servers

Hope this helps, PM me if you want to talk about it,

I’ve tried that, i went on every server, atleast tried to (Im desperate, ok? :D) and it was the same thing repeatedly

same problem with the PVE server.
before there was a big lag on it now you cannot connect.

Hmm. Understandable. Unfortunately, the only way I can help you is to give you this: Rust Bug Reports

First, read through a few of the recent tickets. If someone has the same problem as you; submit a comment. The more comments a ticket has, the more attention that it will get from the admins. If nobody has submitted a ticket about it yet; just make one and hopefully others will get behind you, it’ll eventually be fixed c:


Will do, thanks man

I’ll try a different server and see what happens. Thanks for the advice, all. :dance:

I’ve also having the same problem as you, I’d also like to mention that in the console theres a string before the numbers saying something like condition not met:ServerManagement.Get()?(50 frames later) and the number does go up like you say.

I have had the same problems but then I let it sit idle on the face punch guy screen (after my bundle has been downloaded) and it will eventually connect me. Takes a few minutes.

Another thing to check is the log file. The last printout should be:

“SocketPolicyClient1: Socket connected”

If you get that, then it means the connection is there but the game isn’t loading up on your machine. The way I get it to load is what I described above using two browsers at once.

Alright, now the game sort of seems to be working, and the FPS rate is okay. But I’m stuck in this spot and it won’t let me move. I’m going to try refreshing it.