Bungee jumping!

I had an Idea, and made a map. It’s Bungee jumping! Or, you can just jump off and freefall.

the bridge…

the small, cramped elevator

the exit(left)and the bridge. again.

Maybe someone could help me make a gamemode, and help with the lua, and stuff?
for weapons, I’d want:
Rope/Winch Toolgun
Q menu (props and vehicles)

Oh yeah, and sorry about the water…

Fixed the water (there was a leak)
I can’t upload right now cause I got banned for some reason… Idk why, I didn’t do anything…

SECOND edit:
Made a new account, heres the DL

hmm…looks good, also will be good if you get a parachute :slight_smile:

Improve the lighting, then i might download

You’re right, I did kinda go quickly on the light… I’ll try to fix it
gets on hammer
Fixed the lighting
Got banned from gmod.org (WTF)

bwahahahahahha :slight_smile:

Maybe you should’ve added lighting and a decent skybox.

how did you get banned???
the elevator needs to be bigger too but other than that its looking good

I like the idea, but, it’s just a game, people will get bored of this very fast, you won’t get a rush from it.
Plus, people can just noclip around and get the same freefall experience.

Just saying.

Add an invisible prisoner pod and use a lua_run entity to give the player a bungee-looking animation.

I have no freakin Idea…
But I deleted my cookies and made a new account, heres the DL

lol 0 downloads


1 download so far which is me
1.make the place have different textures so the place looks better
2.make room for building stuff
3.the elevator needs to get a bit bigger
but i did a good picture on it, look at my avatar if its good enough to see