Bunker assault.


I really need a better graphics card (The graphic settings have been maxed out). But yeah, what do you think?

Pretty decent posing except for the German shouldering the Kar98. You are aware that iron sights are made to line up with your eye and not your jaw, right?
Also you missed a few fingerposes.
Also also that’s one of the few uses of the default explosion that doesn’t look terrible.

Not bad for a new guy.

Thanks! :smile:

Just google search poses first and you’ll be okay.

Notice how their bodies are facing the gun more than they are facing the enemy. It looks like your German’s body is facing the enemy directly. Even if that’s only an illusion and your posing is 100%, it’s your job to make this one snapshot of life look believable, even if you have to alter it in a way that - from a 3-dimensional perspective - is impossible or otherwise silly. Does that make sense?