Bunker - Help Me Pimp It

So i’ve been working on this map for my king of the hill gamemode.

Pretty much everything is optimized. It takes hardly any time to compile, so i’ve just been fixing small bugs here and there.

I don’t know how to properly cubemap my map… I’ve done it a few times following some tuts but it always turns out ugly. So i’m going to post the vmf here. If anyone here is good at doing cubemaps, could you maybe do it and give a few pointers on how you did it?


This is pretty much what the Pimpage thread is for…

Regardless, It looks nice.

I’m not trying to show it off, i am looking for help and tips.

Haha, nice chat bot.
As for the map, maybe try and make that air vent smaller. The current size looks a little too big.

for the outside area, maybe make some battle damage on the wall with displacements? like have one of those towr things half destroyed, and put some divits in the wall?

Also, try and dirty up the second floor down, put something in the middle of the floor or whatever to break up that big empty space a little.

There are a few reasons the vents are so big.

One of the main ones being, i didn’t have to fuck with texture scales.

The other reason being, it’s a deathmatch-style gamemode so i wanted entrances/doorways to be more obvious.

I like it!

Basically how cubemaps work is they take 6 screenshots, up down left right forward and back. Then these are seamlessly connected and used as reflections, so all reflective stuff will use these. So a large reflective thing may require it’s own cubemap not to look odd.

the problem i have is that i don’t know how often i need to place them. and apparently cubemaps should be 72 units off the ground for some reason?

I lol’d at comment in the first screen:

CATS: killing weapons may fuck


The second screen doesn’t look like a bunker, it looks more like an office building maintenance corridor.

Maybe use more bunker style textures there.

this is why i fucking hate cubemaps

none of my water brushes connect nicely. the rest of the map looks awesome though.

An env_cubemap can be specifically assigned to various faces.

If the resulting reflections are not suitable, try placing the env_cubemap in a black box or write a new, non-reflective water material.

I dont know but that thing on 3th pic, thing that is above ladder… it looks like part of CS 1.6 Map

so how would i go about making my water not look like ass? put a shitload of cubamaps on each water brush?

  1. Place a cubemap somewhere.
  2. Open the Properties.
  3. Select the “Brush faces” keyvalue and click “Pick…”.
  4. Select all of the water faces, then click “Apply”.

Ok, so would i put a cubemap near each differently lit area and assign it to the water?

I believe multiple cubemaps is the problem right now. Try with just one env_cubemap.

where would i put it? there are different colored lights near the same water brush so wouldn’t they need more cubemaps?

i cant find any useful tutorials on this matter

Anywhere within the map. Static reflections are sampled from the location of the entity. The idea is if the water faces all have the same static reflection, the edges will match better. Might have a problem with the different coloured lights not matching the reflection colour.



wait so you’re saying to only place one cubemap in the entire map? or just put one cubemap in the water area?