BunkerWarfare map

This is a counter-strike: source map, but you can also play it on GMod if you wish to, its pretty small though, and has weapon spawns.
I uploaded on garrysmod.org because other sites, for some reason, wont upload at all…

I really just made this to test out my map making “skills” and etc. If you use it in garrysmod, you might have to delete the weapons on the map if you want to use it for posing, etc. If anyone wants me to make a different version for a Garrysmod Deathmatch or whatever, just tell me and I’ll see if I could.

More info in the zip file.
Go to download page for pictures, and enjoy.

Video link:

I like it.
A bit blocky, but it really is not too bad.

Yeah, true… I need to smooth the edges.
But thanks for liking/downloading!

Looks cool.