Bunnies prettysubpar posing thread (Huge images!)

Loljk I just have low self esteem.





The first two had some shopping done to them, but the second one only had the (bad) grass added. all other visual effects are in garrysmod itself.


Extreme whispering on the second one.

did you edit the hair in the first one? if so it doesn’t match the glare of the light but looks really realistic

Yeah I did. it was my first try with posing and shopping something like that, it should be noted it was made in GM_construct :V

LOL at the 2nd and 4th pics, what’s with those rebels?

2nd: I presume he’s telling her to “Cover me! I’m moving up!”
4th: I just couldn’t get him to look like he got shot. Should have added some blood spurts in photoshop, but w/e.

It’s just that the facial expressions on the 2nd and fourth kind of crack me up for some reason

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By the way, here’s a great tip, in the first pic the camera zoom is good, but in the other ones you gotta go to camera (6) then hold right click, zoom in, and move back at the same time, it gives your pic a better focus.

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Also, when you go to the Q menu find “super dof” and click on render, that gives a far better blur like effect that you’re trying to do

Yeah, that sounds much easier than the zoom effect I did with photoshop on that first one. thanks!


I’m 100% sure he says: ‘’ Smell that? I just farted! ‘’
And she’s all like: ‘’ Ewwww… ‘’

And…that’s how the babies are born.

Or he’s saying “I need a sandwich to help defeat these soldiers.”

Try zooming in a bit dude

Sorry, but sub-par is pretty accurate.

Zoom in with the camera to eliminate fisheye and seriously work on your posing and composition. Look at stuff made by people like Chesty, Vman, pmnky, 5omeone, Zerax and co. to get a good idea of what you need to aim for.