Bunny Hop Gamemode + HUD (WIP) Looking for feedback

Hey everyone, I am currently developing a bunny hop gamemode and was just looking for some feedback on the HUD and menu for the most part. Any criticism or suggestions are welcomed, but constructive criticism is encouraged. :slight_smile:

The video is a little low quality so here is an image showing the HUD and menu.


Still contemplating if I want to keep the Difficulty menu how it is or change it up. I also need a place to put the velocity and I’m planning on making the keys in the bottom right more unique.

Thanks for the feedback in advance! :slight_smile:

P.S. Yes, I know I am world’s worst bhopper.

Pretty, though for the menu, the vertical offset for easy should be same as the offset for nightmare imo

I find it pretty hard to read your main font, the words don’t have much space between them and all run together; TOOLONGRESETS looks like one word. And EACHPLATFORM.

The menu itself looks decent though.

  1. On the difficulty description, the words run together quite a bit. Add some more spacing
  2. Add some more width to the Map finished and Personal best boxes; they’re scrunched together.
  3. Font a bit light on the timer’s min, sec, and ms.
  4. Not digging the italics on the keyboard wording.

Some really nitpicky suggestions; it looks really nice and sleek however.

Thanks for the feedback guys, I really appreciate it.