Bunny Hop Gamemode

I’m attempting to make a custom Bunny Hop gamemode and I’m having trouble making different difficulty levels. The part that I’m completely lost with the most is how to check how long a player has been on a platform and then teleporting them back.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


Thanks, but if I didn’t already search, I wouldn’t have posted here. I’m still learning so I would prefer to develop a gamemode on my own.

I’ve taken a look at the Sass gamemode and I have a very vague idea on how they can be added using tables. However, they use a lot of custom functions and I don’t really understand it. I was hoping there was similar ways to do it with default GMod functions.

I believe lots of CS:S maps used a trigger entity that lays just under the top of the platforms across the entire surface to bhop across. This entity teleports the player upon contact, so all the platform has to do is sink while players are on it.

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I know that spacetech, in order to compensate for multiple players, had to replace every one of those with static brush entities and then check how long they were on that platform within lua.