Bunny Hop Script


put it in your lua/autorun?

it’s already in autorun

server probably has script enforcer

it doesn’t have it because some guy on it has an aimbot.

aimbots can be .exe so you dont get blocked

well i know what kind of aimbot the guy used and it was a lua file

Then he would get raped by VAC.

GMod does not have VAC/VAC2.

I am vac banned on my gmod steam account for hacking on css, i can still join all gmod vac servers.

Vac doesn’t work on gmod

Oh… Didn’t know that. Sorry.

also scriptenforcer is easy to bypass do you get any errors?

GMod does have VAC enabled, as stated by Garry here.

no errors just can’t use on other servers

Here, I made a bunny hop script a few months ago.
[lua]local on
local flip

concommand.Add("+hop", function() on = true end)
concommand.Add("-hop", function() on = false end)

hook.Add(“Think”, “bunnyhop”, function()
if on then
if ( LocalPlayer():IsOnGround() ) then
flip = true
elseif ( flip ) then
flip = false

Nvm got it working :smiley:
(All i had to do was put the lua file in the client folder inside the autorun folder,duh)

Thanks it works great.

it has :smiley:

Too bad it doesn’t work.

Umm…nice bump.