Bunny Hop

Been working on this game for a while, my first gamemode in lua. Never coded lua before this. Tell me what you think, but its still a wip. The main thing about this is the UI and such like the shop, stats, etc. I didn’t take the shop from anywhere, I coded it from scratch. :3


Images of the main menu





Added support to show what items you can’t buy in red and what items you have bought in green.


Also added some hats and buy-able chat icons.



Sorry if the images are really big.

this is amazing for your first gamemode, plus the fact you never coded before.

And what other languages have you coded in?

I’ve coded for a bit in C++.

You should change the sound when you change from one tab to another.

I ment I am looking for a coder… Can I hire you? It’s not some stupid over used gay darkrp edits… I am looking at a unique project… If you’re interested please add
I am Killerbob The Great

Why not also have it added on secondary to game modes? rather than a pure gamemode?

Bunny hop sandbox, build make your own challenges.

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I wish people would piss off with all that “I’ll hire you, I’m the idea guy” nonsense

How about you just message them your idea instead of ‘hiring them’?

Very Impressive work, reminds me of my First Gamemode, which was also a BunnyHop gamemode. It worked and everything, just on the very low-tech of things.

Wow, I have been making a bhop gamemode myself and this just puts mine to shame:

(Also my first gamemode)

Gamemode & Addon Releases

Gamemode & Addon Releases
Gamemode & Addon Releases

There have been plenty of private gamemodes posted here. There is no problem.

You have your own Bhop anyways, so I don’t see why you care.

That UI looks sexy. Keep up the good work, I’m not really a fan of BHOP but I’d love to see that UI in other game mods. Put’s things like the DarkRP menus to shame.

Looks great, especially the UI. Though, having the WSAD keys on the bottom right is a little confusing.

Because this is RELEASES and it’s filled with HEY GUYZ LOOK AT MY GAEMEMOED

Which is fine if there was a seperate sub for it, but this is releases and this isn’t a release.

Like I said, take a look and you will plenty of non-release threads in this forum

That doesn’t mean it’s right.

Have those threads been locked yet?


Why are you so bothered? it’s his gamemode he can do what he wants with it.

It’s not his forum

Bad moderating

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Stop being so annoyed because he won’t released a gamemode which he created. There’s plenty of gamemodes on the forum that are not released.