Burger Speed (fast food game concept)

Burger Speed is an in development asymmetrical game where players will perform various fast food roles in a cooperative setting, plus a single player mode where you manage bots performing said roles. It is currently under prototyping in Unity, but the multiplayer component would benefit highly from Source 2’s networking code :slight_smile: It is currently under development by a hobbyist team, but we plan to start full development once SBox is generally available (or we get a key :wink:).

Cashier Role:

Cook Role:


Looking forward to making or playing a Krusty Krab map for this gamemode


It’s a tycoon ?

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Omg this idea is amazing now I want to play lmao

Looks like a multiplayer tycoon. I like this idea!

The single player mode would be a tycoon sort of, while multiplayer would be cooperative shifts.

ok nice

Maybe a reversed title like “Speed Burger” would roll off the tongue more easily, seems like a fun concept though.

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Yeah that’s still a working name lol. Prototype is up at Unity WebGL Player | Burgish because we didn’t even have a name for it at the time

Interesting idea, are you taking any inspiration from Overcooked? That game is a lot of fun and a good example of a time management cooking game.

Nope, a friend of mine who works at a BK proposed the idea to me then I started making the prototypes - thanks for the reference though, I wasn’t able to find any multiplayer cooking games to investigate mechanics at the time :slight_smile:

omg your friend is working at a BK. I couldn’t I would just eat everything lmao

While this looks interesting as a gamemode on itself, having this as a minigame of sorts in a bigger gamemode like DarkRP would be incredible! Definitely continue working on this and good luck!

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