Burning and Crashing

hey guiz… been hearing around the internet how much the mods here ban and abuse their customers! So I decided to jump on over and watch this ship sink. So far, I have been reading through several topics and well over HALF of all the posts seem to be from users that were banned for one miniscule reason after another. Opinion? banned.

So yeah, after a little digging, I saw how ATROCIOUS the owners is.

'dat ego… made me lol. How cute, the guy thinks public opinion won’t affect his game…

Anyway, will be watching and looking through the wreckage once you hit rock-bottom.

(User was permabanned for this post ("wants to be banned/we don't care" - postal))

Get out, you don’t talk about the reincarnation of Jesus, Garry Newman our Lord and Savior like that.