Burning houses?

We should be able to set someones base on fire. Of course you would only be able to do this on wooden houses and some balancing will be needed so it isn’t to OP.

I also always wondered why a campfire inside a house would not cause a fire and/or Carbon Monoxide :stuck_out_tongue:

like this…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zikcVbhyzp0

They should add a molotov for this for an alternative way of raiding.

I loved when they broke through the door and that guy got decked by that mounted crossbow. Shit what if our harpoon guns were mounted like that. Would be awesome to hit someone with one, pierce them, then reel them in upside down outside your second story.

yeah, as much as it has massive griefing potential, i’d love to watch things burn.

in game of course;)

Would love to see this added. Burning a camp fire beside a wooden structure could start to decrease its health, more campfires, faster it burns down.

Make a request in facepunch support ticket system. I’m sure they have thought about it, but seeing people pushing for it might make them see the worth.

And yea, campfires in houses should be like stoves instead. Or at least require some sort of ventilation system.

Another game I play uses a structure remove tool that sets the item ablaze. While my fps suffer, its awesome doing this to all the walls in a base and stepping back.


just made it since i couldn’t find one using the search function, but feel free to link if there is one already.

Seeing as this is a troll-based community, I think the troll-based developers should definitly add this in, but at the same time making it fairly hard for the average person to get. I’d say a good amount of low grade fuel, clothe and maybe like a human/animal skull to use as the actual shell of the fire grenade.

i get what you are saying, but its really easy to set things on fire. i don’t know that making it difficult to make is realistic, even if it reduces the trolling of wooden noob houses.

Maybe the time for it to burn down would be long, and easy to put out?

they would then have to add different types of wood, eg, if you build your house of cheap soft wood its gonna be easy to burn, use a different harder wood then it will take longer to burn.

This would add a reason to consider how close to a source of water your house is. Also, this is probably incredibly impractical and too Minecrafty but a house burning in the woods COULD start a forest fire. And then a processor fire when the computer tries to animate and calculate all that.

Damn trolls.

in Far Cry 4 i accidentally threw a Molotov cocktail on the grass land, it burnt for about 2 minutes and an area of about 5 metre radius it also burnt the flag sign and flags. My PC survived, though it was a reasonably large fire i doubt it would be that hard for a PC to do a forest fire.

FC4 is significantly more optimized than Rust. I’m sure it could be possible when Rust is nearly 100% optimized but until then I doubt we will see massive fires. We can only hope. :smiley:

Sometimes things which are cool in real life don’t translate to games, where people don’t give a f.

Probably when it’s really damaged it could be a visual thing.

Im not agree, It is not so easy to burn a good wooden house with a simple torch… Maibe if there would be something like roofs on rust (that used to the the most flammable part of one wooden house, because used to be made by other lighter materials like straw) that could be consider, but I guess you would consume a full torch a lot before one wooden piece would start to burnt.

however a good campfire can make the enough amount of heat to do this faster.

There should be possibility to protect outer side of wood wall from fire like making it wetwood with fire or craft a paint what protects from fire (like in irl). Making all these should take crafting time but would benefit vs fire