burning screen off death. plz look :(

hi somtimes when i get into a car or something that you can sit on it works fine after a while i sitdown and the screen goes black and starts to do a burning affect if you press the start menu and exit again it just looks like your screen is being set alight… the only way to to fix it is to exit and it really annoys me. iv looked if anyone else has this problem i couldnt find no one so if you can help thanks :slight_smile:

By “burning” do you mean like burning film when its all white and shit and then it starts to “burn its way” outside?

This happens to everyone. It’s a game glitch.

God I hate it when this happens.

er dunno really iv never experienced a ‘burning film’ or maybe i have i dunno it just… no say you set fire to some paper in then middle it works its way out im persuming thats what you mean right, if so yes…


well im ges everyone gets it i hope they fix it :\ POST CLOSED…

The only way I get out of it is spamming ’ (binded to kill) and mashing space. If Im lucky. Otherwise I crash.