Burning the bodies of H1N1 (Swine Flu) infected.


No really, it’s not good.

I would just think they are some army guys burning sleeping bags if I didn’t read the title

anyway, you should edit this a little bit. :wink:

Hand’s clipping the bag. Could use some editing.

this whole swine flu thing was blown way out of proportion

We need a “DUH!!” rateing.

I know right? It kills old people and small children. It’s like a fucking dream virus.

Camera angle is not that great

You would be accauly not burning victims of something, you would keep the bodies for investigation.

or send them to there relitives

For some reason the title made me expect a really good picture, but I’m quite disappointed. This picture would have made a more interesting impact if you posted it a few months ago too. In-game fire, a dull map and some boring models (+ a crappy camera angle, when will you learn to do better camera angles?) makes for a very mediocre picture.

H1N1 is actually known to target healthy young people, unlike the common flu which is more dangerous and common in the very young or elderly and/or ill.

also fear what happened to your qaulity

first it was great, then suddenly it just came back again


It won’t surprise me if it got like that, because hospitals will get over crowded with the victims and can’t keep up with it all. Also, the UK government is planning mass graves for it.

nice,a 2 weeks old bump…

Thank you, I understand it is 2 weeks, but I still wanted to state my own say, but thanks.

H1N1 is a scare tactic used to make people take the vaccine developed by NOVAPLAX, the vaccine got rushed through quickly, you should read the shit they put in the vaccine, it’ll give you cancer and tumors in 30 years, bunch of GMOs, aluminum, mercury, and a whole shitload. It keeps the pharmaceutical industry alive, go look at the vaccines used in the 1970s and their effects where a lot of peeps who took it winded up with defects, some even paralyzed, same thing happened in 1920s with vaccines. This shit is repeating itself, don’t take the vaccine X(


Get this, even the FDA (and guess who sits on the board of directors of the FDA - former employees of pharma companies and lobbyists) recommends to give this vaccine to PREGNANT mothers, i mean seriously if that doesn’t tick people off that it is purposefully bs, then idk what does.

I kinda got mad at this thread, I had H1N1.
And look; I’m still fully alive and able to do whatever the fuck I want to.

Its nothing else then a fucking flu with some harder effects, but gone after a week.

You had it? What was it like?


Just a flu. Only it took a few days longer to get over it. Then the doctor went all
“Oh shit! U have ze H1N1 Get to hospitl!” And I went “No, im feeling fine” and gone home
End of story.


That sounds scary O_O