Burning the midnight oil

Late night study sessions. Ever have one of those nights?


Sounds like me every test lmao

this is good

Thanks guys.

Looks to me like that laptop’s about to go supernova.

I dig the setup though, and the posing

No I haven’t, it’s more like “OH SHIT I HAVE A TEST NEXT BLOCK”… Haha

As for the scene, pretty good posing. Though her arm looks like it’s a bit off the table. Really could have built more on the scene itself though, there’s lots of space to put a bookshelf, pictures, clutter, etc etc. Try to fill that space up next time! :smile: It’s good otherwise!

It’s so neat to see people using my map. That’s not a feeling I get a lot.

She’s probably watching vines…

Why else do you think she needs to pull an all-nighter for a test?

Not enough cups of coffee, snicker bars and energy drinks for that. :slight_smile:

Sweet light here. Very nice work. Although the shining light behind her lappy got me a bit confused.

Gotta say I disagree with the consensus on this one. The overly-soft shadows are a bit iffy, and the overly-bright flaring light on the laptop doesn’t make any sense when you take the buildings behind into consideration. If it was just an overexposed image, surely those would be going supernova too? Otherwise it’s fine, but the laptop light dents the image somewhat.

I agree, the light makes no sense.