Burning Vehicles

Is there, or is it possible to make a script, so that when you shoot at a vehicle, theres a certain chance that it gets ignited ?

Thanks in advance.

Try looking for it in advance next time

He wants drivable cars to explode, like on PERP.

Thanks, even tho i wanted vehicles to burn and not a single ent

There is a Explosive Entities stool somewhere that allowed to turn EVERYTHING into explosives.
You just set the health and when the health goes to zero, your vehicle/prop will explode in a beatiful explosion.

Yeah, here’s the link to it. http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=643940
With this tool i always weld a bunch of props together, make em explosive, and use a nade or RPG to start Beautiful Explosion.

The best part is when debris hits you in the face.