Burnout Paradise Models

I am quite disappointed to see there are no Burnout Paradise models. I myself want to port models from Burnout Paradise, but I have no experience of porting unfortunately. I was wondering if anyone could port the cars and props from Burnout Paradise.
Police Cars:

Toy Cars:



Civilian Cars:

+1 Revenge Racer and Dust Storm. I love the Burnout series

I know for sure it is possible to port these models as seen from these threads:

Support, especially for the motorcycles.

All of my want. I did suggest this idea to Sgt Sgt a couple of years back, but he said that someone he knew tried and had issues with shaders or something… I donno.

Its best to try again. Maybe it might work this time.

+1, for the UK police car.

Thanks for all the support, guys. I really appreciate the support, but is anyone willing to actually port these models? Currently right now, I need to figure out how to extract models from PS3.

I really don’t want to have bump this many times, but at the same time I hope someone will acknowledge this thread and will port and release these.

Just remember that it’ll be a lot of work.

I understand it is a lot of work, but I still try because pretty much the only way to get the Police Cars (except 2 cars, Hunter Citizen and the Police Racing WTR version) and most DLCs if not all since PC Burnout Store is closed down in late 2010 unless if someone who has the Ultimate Box and also bought some or all of the DLCs (Legendary Cars,Toys Cars, and Boost Specials only) before late 2010, then it definitely possible to extract all these cars via 3D Ripper DX.

I have been looking for previous threads (all dated from 2010) about the same topic as have before I made this thread. From what I seen, they have not been so lucky as I have.
I have also been looking for guides about how to extract Burnout Paradise models from PS3 and made a thread about it here: http://facepunch.com/threads/1180579


I found the tools.
PS3 Version Only:

Someone has to do this and to make work on Gmod. I mean if you have the PC Version, you could just use 3D Ripper DX. And if you have PS3 and Xbox 360, you could use some kind of iso editor/viewer.

If my computer was better I would. tried loading a ps2 game on an emulator, and it crashed everytime.

Regrading my last post, I felt a little impatient and I am sorry about that. I was going to attempt to try to get the PS3 iso, but I don’t know what to do.

Bump and also some more references:


(From http://www.trackmania-carpark.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=13859)


(From http://www.operationburnout.com/forums/topic/3891-burnout-paradise-3d-models/)
Civilian Cars


Police Car:

I like the green SUV in the first row of pics. They say it’s a Chrysler Aspen on IGCD, and well, I really like Aspens. The thing about it though is that it has an extended wheelbase. an interesting concept, if unfortunately fictional. If I had the game I’d definitely rip a few models. just wish I had the time and money.

Well, you can a trial version of the Ultimate Box that last for 30 Minutes or get it by…Not going to mention it because I think you know what it is. Anyways, I see what I can do.