Burnout Paradise Models

I’ve seen a handful of models ported from this game, but googling it doesn’t bring up any extractors, what method are people using with this game?

I have interest in porting models from this game to gmod, and possibly others.

You should try Ninja Ripper.
It works for a lot of games.

Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be working for this game :x

I use 3D Ripper DX.
If you have the Steam version, you need to launch Steam from 3D Ripper DX.
Just launch the game from Steam and it should work.
Some tips:
-Don’t rip the car from the car selection screen - it’ll be hard to orient it perfectly straight in that position and it’s more likely to be distorted. Rip the car AFTER you select the car so that the camera will be perfectly aligned with the car model.
-Set env mapping to LOW. For some reason, the ripper will not rip glass if env mapping is set to high.

When you import the .3DR file into 3DS Max, the first thing you’ll probably notice is that there are clones of some objects that usually show up black. Those objects are most likely used for env mapping and are pretty much useless, so you have to pick them out manually and delete them. It’s very tedious since there are about 300 objects per car and about 100 of them will be envmap objects.
To make this easier, select all parts of the car and add a UVW Unwrap modifier, set map channel to 3 and reset the UVW maps. Then set the map channel back to 1 and the car should have proper UV mapping now. The envmap objects should be easier to spot this way since they become completely black.

Another thing to note is that some transparent textures like grilles may appear totally transparent. Make sure to look for those.

Finding the textures is self explanatory, but also tedious since you have to sift through hundreds of textures to find the right ones. Normal map textures often have their channels switched around as well.

Uaaaaaaah thank you so much, this is working great! I have them ripped, but the UV unwrap section isn’t working and the UVs are messed up. What version of max do you use?

I use Max 2011 since it’s the latest that the 3DR importer supports. As far as I know, the UVW Unwrap modifier hasn’t changed significantly since then.

Does that same method work on traffic/civilian cars? As far as I can tell, they only have one layer of geometry, not two :x

It should be easier then. Add me on Steam so I can help you directly.

Thanks alot, I’ll try this method later, as I was also looking to get these models.

For finding the textures, it’s rather simple. Just look up the name in max and search for the file from the start menu.

I see you managed to rip Watson Revenge Racer. Do you still have the car model itself? I would need that to convert it into and MMD model I can use in MikuMikuDance.

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