Burnside V8

Burnside V8 is one of the awesome vehicles that are available for Rigs Of Rods. I liked it, so i built it in gmod :buddy: thread also includes a plane and an rc car… anyways, pics:





other stuff:
TU-95 bomber








you nailed that burnside. Make the 4x4 version :buddy:

Nice Burnside. I’m the one who made it for RoR :smiley:

you messed up the proportions though and made the front wheels too far back so it looks FWD

Maybe i will, if i have nothing else to build :smile:

And I confirm this :smug:

Second picture, the person behind, it’s me :smug:

No body honestly care :smug:

nice but not perfect replica :buddy:

I know :buddy:


So anything to say about the 2 other contraptions? :q:

They’ve got a nice shape, but i don’t really like how you stuck everything together (With the parts sticking out, holes, etc) Try using other props to make it smoother. Overall it’s good though.
I know it’s hard as shit to make stuff smooth.

That Tu-95… :swoon:

yeah, i should of not rushed when making it, although the suspension works like a dream
EDIT: oh wait you mean the plane and buggy?

it pretty much goes for everything ever made

The front of the car is jizz.

BEAR! I must see a video of it flying and dropping bombs. Or I will die.

Yeah, as soon as i get the landing gears done i will try make it fly. Don’t expect anything awesome tho… its already over 300 props

It’s not supposed to fly awesome. It’s supposed to haul itself into the air with sheer force of will and lumber to the target at high speeds.

I play Rigs of rods since 2010 and I know that Gabester made the Burnside and not you.

Gabester is on Facepunch too, and his username is Penis Colada.

And you bumped a 4 year old thread