Burnt Corpse Man Has Something Pleasent (not really) to Show You!

           Hey kids! Start jumping up and down like idiots because Burnt Corpse Man  presents a new kind of cruel and inhumane torment! Ever had one of  those annoying people who tend to be so picky at just about anything?  Just put them in the cart and turn on the screen and in no time they  will be screaming for mercy!

Reminded me of this:

holy shit

HOLY FUCKING CHRIST BUTTRAPE! what the hell was that?

Chell :aaa:

:quagmire: ^

But seriously, that was bad.

Oh my god…

That was…

Ahaha what

are you insulting furries!?!?!?! FAWK YOO!!!

Has the internet confused you?

That was really shit, sorry.