Burying/ Hiding Land Mines


The title says it all.I had this idea for a while and I haven’t seen anyone else mention it. Hiding mechanic is in the game,so my question is, is it possible to apply it to land mines with some tweaks perhaps.
Maybe if the land mine could only be placed on solid ground and have a Hide/show option it would actually come in useful. Also, to make it fair perhaps a 25% of it can be sticking out.
Lemme know what you guys think.

P.S. Great update today, thank you almighty devs :slight_smile:




i have no issues with the idea of burying all the traps, could work like the small stashes. after all, a good jawtrap wouldn’t be sitting on top of the dirt, standing out like a sore thumb. it would be slightly buried and covered in leaves. same deal with landmines. it’s what makes them so dangerous; y’know, besides the whole explosive thing.

right now the explosive traps are kinda in 90% of all Szenarios useless you will instantly spot and destroy them + they are expensive. Hiding them should be possible its a mine after all

I agree with mrknifey, It would make them a lot more dangerous and you’d have to look out for them more. Picture it, and enemy raid team is traveling along a road to your base, they’re minding their own business and then suddenly Click… BOOM! They’ve lost two members of their team.

The only problem I see right now, is the balance between hiding it all the way and just sitting on dirt. Make it impossible to spot and it might be too OP, leave it exposed and its virtually a waste of resources.

Now, I know the land mines in the game are pressure activated and it makes sense to bury all the way. What if they we replace it with Bouncy Betty style mines, that have the activator sticking out, and therefore it’s not impossible to spot but very hard.

With that being said, all this wouldn’t matter until grass.quality 0 is no longer an option in the game.

Mines should be completely underground but a small dirt patch where you dug should be visible for a few days. Remember you can blow yourself up with your mines if your not careful so I don’t see people spamming them everywhere

The devs should add an ability to booby trap doors, chests and other things like that with the landmines, maybe even makeshift tripwire mines

I agree with mines being buried, makes much more sense.

How about claymore mines with trip wire triggers or maybe even IR detection with a remote to activate/deactivate, great for defending doorways against raiders and nosey parkers!

Running around and then randomly dying without any possibility of avoiding it on my part sounds like super fun game play to me. There’s no chance that people would plant these all over the place for shits and giggles or surround their base with a minefield 8 layers thick that forces people to suicide a dozen times before even being able to raid. Great idea! Please implement ASAP! /sarcasm

Do you people even play this game? Or have you found some magical unicorn server where there are no douchebags? If so, plz share.

Wait. Or are YOU the douchebags and that’s why you’re proposing an idea that is clearly prone to a bazillion kinds of douchebaggery?

land mines would actually be useful in snowbiome :slight_smile:

This already happens with snaptraps, landmines in grass and floorspikes in bushes. A fix for now could be to make the traps only working in cupboardrange till they find a smarter solution.

I can avoid bushes. I can’t avoid the entire map.

because landmines being left on top of the ground has been the go-to method for every country in every war so far? and no children suffer exactly what you are talking about from mines left over from said wars?

mines are unsportsmanlike assholes, but they rarely sit on top of the soil for all to see because it nullifies their entire purpose; a hidden explosives that not only allow you to defend an area without troops, but also scare the shit out of anyone finding one, reducing if not stopping their advance entirely.

“it stops people raiding” is not a reason to not implement a defense method. in fact it’s exactly the reason to include it. it would just needs an appropriate cost balance.

Realism will never be a good excuse for poor gameplay.

I didn’t say that it “stops raiding”. I said that it causes people to raid in a ridiculous and unfun manner. Having rows of hidden land mines around your base would not stop people from raiding you. It would just cause them to strip and suicide a dozen times. There’s nothing fun or engaging about that type of play.

I was just thinking about htis concept. I thought the best way to use this is to use the laser for weapons. I think one could plant mines on either side of a door and “wire” them to a laser.

realism isn’t an excuse for bad gameplay, i agree. nobody wants to play a dressmaking minigame to make a shirt in rust, or to have to perform surgical intervention to stop bleeding; the issue isn’t having landmines that players can’t see, but rather the ability to just respawn over and over to detonate them like a zerg swarm. hidden traps paired with greater respawn restrictions would make players reconsider running into a minefield; it would be a decent defensive mechanic, and add to the thrill of raiding a base.

i’m surprised how many people seem to want a cheap, easy raid over one that took skill and time. not directed at you, but something i’m seeing more and more here.

What kind of spawn restrictions would you suggest? On unmodded servers it will take time to find the base again especially if it is in the extreme south or north. There is a timer on the sleeping bags however one could make the argument of a naked setting down an absurd amount of bags in order to come back to the same location.
I would suggest have a line of sight for the bags regarding the spawn timer in the same way they added it for the cupboards. For example, a naked throws down three sleeping bags in order to clear the mines around a weak spot in a base. He has c4 in a box but has to clear away the mines to make any headway so that he can reserve the c4 for the base only. He dies after going over one of the mines and respawns. He dies again and is about to respwn but all three bags now have the same time limit. Now the distance can be subjective, reasonable but not rediculous.
This can also put emphasis on the defender, as killing him might push him out of his base. This could be mitigated by allowing the use of multiple sleeping bags within a given area so long as he has authority from the alpha tool cupboard.

The problem is that there are no consequences to death. Fix that and the rest of the game play can be balanced, until it’s fixed non of the gameplay will balance

You lose all of your inventory and may have to start off at the beach again. Mabye you had some good stuff on you and someone took it. There are timers on the sleeping bags but as I suggested it can be mitigated. There are little consequences of being naked with nothing because you don’t have anytime invested.