Bus Error (Linux)


Today I attempted to set up a Garry’s Mod server on my friend’s Linux dedicated server. I followed this guide (http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Linux_Dedicated_Server_Setup) up until the point where I needed to create an .sh file to start the server. I made the file, and then it would constantly loop the start up process and give me a Segmentation Error each time. I then extracted the .so files that I found here (http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1148247) into my garrysmod/bin folder. Now, I’m getting this error and I’m at a loss. Can somebody please help me?

add -debug to your startup and post debug.log

I added it to my start.sh but where is it saving the log, I can’t find it

where srcds_run is

Told me I had to install something called GDB, so I’m uploading the folder with all of these files to the orangebox folder, the readme says I have to use ./configure and then type “make install”, so I’ll report back with how it goes. Taking a while to upload via ftp however.

you might have been able to get it from aptitude or yum lol

I don’t even know what this means, sorry, I’m really new to Linux. Installing hasn’t been going so well, and I’m assuming your method is easier. Can you tell me what you mean?

what OS are you on


So yeah, Ubuntu.

apt-get install gdb


sudo apt-get install gdb

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you’re going to need the root password though


Typing in the password I use after opening putty and logging in with the username server, it gives me this.

FYI I’m available for teamviewing

EDIT: Oh alright, guess I’ll get it from my friend who owns the server

Yeah, you’ll need to get him to add you to /etc/sudoers or just have him run sudo apt-get install gdb

Here’s the debug.log.

Sorry, I have no idea :frowning:

You might want to try to contact Azuisleet about this, he might be able to help

PM’d him with a link to this thread.

I couldn’t reproduce this with a clean install (update & verify_all, with the binaries posted on dropbox by garry). I could however reproduce the same vphysics and NPC crashes that I had written a testcase for. Documented here: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1089190?p=32809512&highlight=#post32809512

I recommend doing a verify_all. If it’s still crashing you’ll need to run it through GDB to see where it’s crashing:

gdb --args ./srcds_linux -game garrysmod -console +map gm_construct

Thanks for that link, I never saw and updated binary :smiley:

Might also need this.

This is why I don’t want to use Linux for Gmod, because Garry screws it up and doens’t fix it for months. I needed it today when installing a blank server.