Busou Shinki Battle Rondo

This is one of three requests I want to make, and maybe one of the easiest. I’m only doing them as seperate postings since they are vastly different requests.
There is a Konami-developed online game out there, Busou Shinki Battle Rondo, that is a battle game for fighting using their Busou Shinki line of figurines, with several dozen heavily customizable mecha-musume inspired girls in it.

Now, I know it has it’s own diorama function, but that has two limitations, one being that it’s in japanese, the second being that it only does Busou Shinki characters. It also is unintuitive and hard to use.
Still, When you only find four or five characters in the mecha-musume category, and one of those is a Hatsune Miku reskin, I feel that you should go find a source for several dozen, so… Anyone up for it?

References are a requester’s best friend.