Hello guys.
I decided to make a film with Garry’s Mod.
I used tons of addons to make it, and a lot of time of course. :smiley:
That one is a teaser.
I haven’t captured first episode.
If that draws attention, I’ll make the next ones.
İyi seyirler! :smiley:

I was expecting it to be a piece of shit, but it’s actually not half bad at all.

The dialogue comes across as clunky because it’s not spoken, but it’s actually pretty interesting.

Yeah, that actually was pretty good…

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t as good as this. Good job, man!

Would be nice with some voiceacting

I thought about voice acting, but I didn’t want to put it on Teaser. :slight_smile:
Probably I’ll use my voice for the next ones.
Thanks for comments, teşekkürler!

It seems like it would be a cool video. Going to squirm for the full version. I like how the NPCs were just shooting each other and not at you

Thanks for your appreciate.
I have a lot of idea for first episode.
I’ll make it on my first non-busy time.