Bustin Caps pvp/starter kits/weekend creative craft and destroy kits

Come and join our server!!! We have starter kits granted by the active admins, and are going to experiment with a new mini game/ get the server started this weekend. We are going to start on Saturday morning and grant all players a “creative kit”. This is going to be a huge sum of building materials already crafted and ready to go. We will grant these every hour until 5 pm central time. At that time we are going to start spawning in supply grenades for air drops IN LARGE QUANTITIES. This will bring in ammo and c4, so how well you have built your house will determine how well you will fare!!! We did this the other night with a few friends and within hours we had 60 story buildings, then the PvP was epic!!! BTW fall damage will be off too, jumping from a 60 story building is epic.

Join now and start gathering your guns to protect your base, and stake out your spot for the action!!!

The admins are open to new suggestions at all times, for minigames or fun rules.

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This is a new server that has a dedicated group of Admins. We want to see people having fun and are open to any ideas to improve the server. We don’t want to be just another blah blah rust server. We want people calling in sick to work to get a few more hours of play time!!! Any ideas are always welcome. There is also going to be a Mumble voice server added soon. It is already up and running, I just have to get all of the info to put on here!!!

Yeah its a lot of fun on this server. There are active admins, great starter kits, and everyone is willing to help out new players. This weekend should be a great time with free build to anarchy gameplay!!! Lookin forward to it! See you all there!

Starter kits are up and going. Admins have additional kits for people wanting a little jump start. All you have to do is ask for it. Admin issued pack includes wood, wood planks, bow/arrows, and metal doors. This will give everyone a chance to stake out a place for the weekend jump start event.

Please post with any ideas to help out with this event. It will be legendary!!!

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You can sign up on our website, or just show up. http://electricgamers.enjin.com/home

The party is still on for this weekend! Should be a great time. Tell your friends about it.

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And BTW for the guy that came on the server last night, typed /kit, then raged and logged off, the correct command for a starter kit on our server is /starter

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