Busy Street

A busy street side


Well… uh… erm…


Nice Pose?

That’s a busy street alright.


did the cop feel like parking his car over by the cross walk and walk to the bench to drink his coffee?

Different Cop

That’s why the cop is so happy.

That’s a very bland, yet well-rounded picture.

Some chests poke out, aside from that your walking stances are… Actually almost perfect to me…

NPCs. Bad.

Guess what…

Npc’s -.-

Don’t use NPCs, Your using walking NPCS.

what map has that bank in it?

Why is the car turning if its a red light.

I don’t think he’s actually “turning” but posed as if he was going to when it turned green.

Guy behind the cop looks a bit awkward to me.

You can turn right on red.

I don’t mind NPCs as long as the picture is nice. I guess the picture is alright.

The cop on the bench looks like he just jizzed in his pants.

That guy in the street is gonna get hit! also, Odd picture you got thar