But if I've got a pack of cigarettes in my pocket... maybe today won't be so bad after all?

Sorry for the shitty isolation and kinda skewy comp… did this in a hurry, I have places to be in a couple of hours and wanted this done before the inspiration was gone.

Thread music!

Il-76 blends horribly :smith:

This is beautiful, it looks like a painting.

Cigarette box needs motion blur

so basically this is cool and all

now that i have commented, leave your children behind the dumpster at the nearest mcdonalds

what if i don’t have any yet

make them, fucker

Neat picture.

Pretty good.

Nice pic man, shame about the Il-76

Shitty isolation and kinda skewy comp, rossmum.

flares look like they don’t belong, otherwise wonderful.

don’t die, thread! you have so much life yet to live!


For some reason the grass is probably the coolest looking thing in this picture

posing is good too but dat grass