But there's no danger, it's a professional career

Though it could be arranged, with just a word in Mr. Churchill’s ear…

TO CLARIFY; YOU SHOULD PROBABLY LISTEN TO THE SONG BEFORE ASKING WHAT THIS IS ABOUT. THE DEAD GUY IS IRA. I’d imagine at least a few people would get it without being prompted but not everyone will and I shouldn’t have taken it as assumed knowledge.

Based on the brilliant song by Elvis Costello, which is of course about the various flashpoints at the time of writing (South Africa, Berlin, Ireland). The song follows, I suggest you listen to it:

posing and feel is awesome but you seem to have an ocd for getting everything in the picture

Yeah, I was thinking of panning it left a bit or cropping it but then I decided to leave it as-is.

This is lovely.

Very nice. You never fail to impress.

Reading the title I thought it would be about a stripper.

The picture is nice just the shadows on the guy holding the gun with the upwards pointing mag are just weird. I’ve never seen cloth fold like that over pockets

It will if they’re empty.

Very nice.

Nery vice.

Hot models, lovely lighting.

so this is what you wanted the brits for

Soon as I see that soldier face, I instantly think “TELEFONMAST”.

Fuck you, Jettan.

Amongst many, many other things. I am tired as fuck of posing Americans.

The composition’s a little flat, but overall it looks nice, and I like the use of the song.

Also, you’ve got some pretty good fold shadows on the guys, but you aren’t adding any shadows around the edges to suggest depth. Right now they look like they’re cardboard cutouts. It’s especially evident on the legs.

And also a bit of shading on the grass would help too. It looks a little fullbright compared to everything else.

Posing is good as usual though the editing is a bit bland looking in places.

Overall good though, nice concept

the blood on the dead guy doesn’t look right

In what manner?

nooooooooo thread dont die I BELIEVE IN YOU

come on you can do it

Threads aren’t “orangic” things, therefore they cannot die. A proper term would be “go down to the bottom of the thread selection page”

It’s very good, why did I miss this?