''but watchers waited there for them..''

I feed on C&C.

Great posing, good light and very nice (i assume) edited dust/smokescreen.

Russians with English shields?

Was too lazy to download the COD shield. :confused:

For OP: http://www.mediafire.com/?3a2cx3sunkkuks3

Only issue I have is that the smoke has no depth, if you had made it lighter for the guy upfront and thicker for the guys in the back it would’ve looked a lot better. Otherwise it just looks pasted on.

Some pretty clouds in the… on the ground.

I can’t get over the yellow lighting. I just can’t.

I like the song

He’s holding the nightstick wrong…

The part with the knob sticking out on the side by his thumb and the part he’s holding going below his forearm.

Nightsticks also have a grip at the bottom, hence they can be operated both ways.

I read this as “but Waiters are watching for them”…Curse my deteriorating eyesight.

Besides that, its nice except for some of the fog on the right. Looks like clouds. Is that just my bad eyes again?