Butcher Ellis about to hack, whack, and smack at an immobilized Zoey



Older work along the lines of "Zoey on the bad end of Ellis’s weapon:
http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=856732 Sledgehammer
http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=855549 Knife, more drawn out.

Nice. Arty for you.

what the hell is wrong with you

What the–:byodood:


That’s gross, I can easily imagine what’s going to happen next…

… :q:

I would not be rated dumb if it was Rochelle on the bad end of Ellis’s weapon.

Hoooooly shit that guy is looking on me!

So, whats next? Chainsaw or maybe you gonna axe her a question?


It’ll be either the “Floppy dildo of DOOM” or a chainsaw.

Rate gaybow for the floppy dildo kill or informative for chainsaw.

You do realize that Butcher pete is about a rapist?

I know, I just figured it is fitting because it is the only song about a butcher(or in the song’s case, rape) to women that I know of. And taking a cleaver while tied down is somewhat like rape, if you survive…

Horn-dog, not a rapist.

Also, you’re starting to remind me of that one guy who posted all of those poses or various people getting syringes in their eyes and pressing a girl’s face onto a stove.

Was it Ryu-Gi, or Fear 57, or some other guy before my time?

I think it was Fear 57. I tried searching his name and couldn’t find any of his threads.


No wait, it was OmrtalOkmbat.

Slightly less humorous thread music.

um Nice…? And please for gods sake… ENOUGH with the serial killer Ellis.

Edit: what the hell, Garry broke spoiler tags?

DOUBLE EDIT: I’m and ideort

It’s the thread music.

Well shit, I forgot to play it this time.

Now I feel dumb…

We all make mistakes.
[sp]I think you are supposed to put sp instead of spoiler[/sp]

NO! I’ll stop when I had enough!