I decided to push some more effort making some level based weird map o.O
I believe it’s better then my last one but, oh well… I let that to be decided by you guys :S
This isn’t finished at all yet, I am making this map to my mod.

( anyone can see the video? D: )

Post if you wish, even if you don’t like anything, just say what is wrong/must be improved.
I could use some suggestions too.

I liked it.

no, this is far from good and I know it :frowning:

I’ll spend more time in future maps for now on.

Better, but the lighting looks very white and stale. You also need to think about textures and props more.

You are right, the props don’t fit well together and the lights suck, I must learn how to use better lightning effects.

Door frames, add door frames :crying:

I see potential.
what’s your mod about

Looking good it just needs some better lighting :slight_smile:

It’s very blocky and could use a good deal of sound work.

pffft… you can’t be serious?

Horrible lighting,Horrible brush work,Horrible use of props/models/sounds, I literaly just saw what shit looks like in a bsp form.

Don’t be so negative.

It wasn’t the greatest looking map in the world by far but it certainly was pretty complex and your knowledge of scripted events seems to be pretty good for a new mapper. Don’t let people put you down, you have potential. Stick at it, practice your lighting and brushwork, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing some great releases from you in the future.

We’re not being negative, we’re being constructive. Scripted events do not make maps good.

He was beeing negative yes, because what he said is just repeating other posts basically, said nothing new.

Not negative, well… positive isn’t for sure, however that doesn’t mean he’s isn’t totally correct, just could have expressed in a different way.

Anyways don’t worry… i formated my PC and now hammer isn’t working, I guess you wont be seeing more horrible things arround.

i like this.

“I literaly just saw what shit looks like in a bsp form.” is constructive? We all start somewhere, nobody is brilliant to begin with.

Quoted for truth.

Also this has potential, I even laughed when seeing those brushbased meat chunks (laughed in a good way) because they looked original, I’ve never seen that done before!
Now next to the potential and nice scripting it would need more texture variation, door frames, maybe a few windows (with window frames, of course) and in general this looks somewhat little like a real butchery.
To fix that you could add a cooling room and more tables with meat on them (mutilated people, actually).

Keep working on it and it can become something great!

I liked it. had some good ideas but could be prettier. don’t let people put you off, they don’t accept your map for what it is, they can only think of what they want it to be. Continue doing what you want.

We don’t accept it? Maybe because it’s blocky, bright as hell, there are no door-frames, and it looks like it was very rushed.

I have no idea what i just saw in the video. what exactly is this map about…?

is a postal 2 like mod, 1 city various shops/buildings everyone with it’s own mission.

but please let this die already. :v: