Butt hidden thompsons.

I try to be fair to newbies especially. But I’m getting sick of newbie looking scammers who stab you the moment you turn your back. Was it the same in legacy?

indeed it was

Wish this game has one thing H1Z1 has and it’s the only thing it has which is better than rust, when you holster a weapon you see it on your back or pistol in its holster on the leg, this needs to happen in rust.

I saw the artwork about backpacks. I hope they plan to something like this. Getting tired of becoming paranoid everytime i see a naked guy with a rock.

I’m actually down with this idea too. With Rust, it’s very important you are able to assess as much information as possible with the little we are given. I’m ok with no nametags, no killer name on death, and no way to control our pigmentation/gender, but I do think its pretty bogus that we can’t tell what kind of weapons someone is carrying until its too late.

Some people wound nakeds and check their inventory… then help them back up.

It would give away my position if i’m a solo wanderer :slight_smile: You would say use bows maybe. I appreciate your suggestion but it’s just a workaround.

In snow even if u do this they freeze to death after a very short time

It would be handy to at least see any weapons on the hot-bar.

You don’t see a lot of nakeds wandering in -30° areas, just my two cents.

Not if you keep finding mushrooms everywhere.