Button Crashers

Hi so i’ve been searching the internet for a solution to the button crashers.

Does any1 know a way to disable/blacklist the button_model command

the only info i could find on the cvar is:

command: button_model
default: 0
type: “user”, “demo”, “server_can_execute”, “clientcmd_can_execute”

Is there a way to put this into server.cfg to disable the command any help would be appreciated :smiley:

Edit: concommand.remove(“button_model”) doesnt work when run serverside or clientside
Using ffp blocked models and having props only unchecked works but then some addons that i have that i want models blocked for are blocked and dont spawn.


Blocking the button_model command would surely just completely break the button tool.

If you have any specific model that crashes, PM it to me.