Buttons only work once?

Im using the CSS Engine for it and i make a button to open a door, i set the reset time to 1 and the button output to the door is set on toggle. I have to buttons, one to open and one to close, i only did this because one button was not doing both. I press either on of them and the door opens, if i try pressing again its like the button is dead, i press the otehr and they close fine. How do i fix my buttons?

Are you sure your door isn’t getting stuck on anything?

No because the other button works to make it close

select toggle in the flags.

Proof reading is a big help here.

Did you hit it again, as it is toggled?

I think he meant set the button to toggle, not just the door…?

Set it so the button’s flag is set to toggle and set it so the doors do not close. (the auto close at -1)
In the outputs make it OnIn <Doorname> Open
OnOut <Doorname> Close