Buy a key bug...

I found a bug that allows you to buy a key for 240$ at anytime. When you press buy a key it forwards you to PayPal page, but when auction is finished you can still go to same link…


Please don’t exploit the bug !

Just making you know…

Brb, spending 240$ for an alpha!

But seriously, wow. Expensive!

Don’t worry, it would only become a problem if people were willing to pay $200.00 for an alpha, if it was a $20.00 purchase THEN you would be screwed

lol im lucky i was able to buy mine for 40. but still who would use this exploit to buy a game for 200$?

He’s being sarcastic, can’t you see it?

i’m waiting when this auction does actually happen(which I hope) a new monkey_123 will come along and buy it.

It lowered the price, will it go down to $.50?

Nope. Keys will be out before that would happen.

You do realize that Garry’s method of generating a key for this, is set after following that link, so that means even if it says they are sold out, it will generate one as long as the price doesn’t hit $0.00. The timer just prevents people from going to the link after the 100 keys are sold.