Buy advise against "deinserverhost" Server

I’m just here to warn you ppl that
if you want a server where you can Update your Server yourself,
where you dont have any IP-conflicts,
where you dont have to wait 1 day at a 1 sentence Support answer and
device times are not 6 Days
then don’t go to “”.

I’m actually try to get a refund because i got no service in 6 Days and they told me the Server would be up yesterday… now they say they got no more server and we have to wait until Saturday…

If you don’t believe me make your own experience…

Greetings Mexxkill

Hey Mexx, I myself am renting one off and I don’t know that you’re talking about.

Their support is awesome, I have no idea how many tickets I made and I always got a response within an hour, so I don’t know why you say deinserverhost are crap?

I can update my server myself by pressing the “Steam Update” button, maybe you should go look for that button?

I ordered myself another rust server and it’s up and running.

Have a nice day!

So sry i got no idea what you talking about the Update button, got a friend who has a Rust Server there and he got no button.

Waiting since 2 Days for a Support Answer because the last answere was 1 sentecne (6 words) “Your Server should be online Today!” and now there is a news that the server will be online at Saturday…

I heard before that that server provider isn’t good.