Buy Gmod 10 and mods ..

Hi guys (sorry for my bad english but i need fast request )
i mayby buy gmod but i need request of my question …
play this game with mods ? (of this website ) i love this models but i doesnt full game Zeno Clash or Gmod CSS … only Gmod 10 play this mod and other in my game ? thanks

Mind = Blown


Learn to read

but this model is dont need anythink ?

It doesn’t

Wtf? I’m sorry but, I’m surprised you managed to register by the looks of your sentences.
Make sure it was installed correctly.

sorry guys for my bad english …
play this model*s (bear ,LOTR and other this ) in my gmod 10 …
yes or no ?


please guys

Custom models will work unless they say otherwise in the description.

And why not use a translator instead of trying to write in English yourself?

Let me put this is a way you might be able to understand a little better:

GMOD 10 require certain games (half life 2 & sequels, Portal, Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike Source, Day of Defeat Source, and Zeno Clash) to run

Some addons for Gmod 10 uses these games (for their textures, materials, etc.) to work

If the addon needs certain game to run, it will say so

IF it does NOT need another game to run, it will not mention requirements

and please this game ZC must by powered by steam ( this game is on my pc but i dont buy on steam ) ??