Buying A Gamemode?


I’m searching for a realistic (serious) Roleplay gamemode. A gamemode that looks a bit like perp.
What is the best serious roleplay for gmod 13 right now?
Doesn’t matter if it costs money, im willing to pay. Doesn’t matter what amount. (Is there a site for it or something? To see what gamemodes are available and what i might be able to buy?)
I just dislike darkrp or gamemodes like that where people run around with their toolgun propkilling. (obviously admins are therefor, but i just dont want it to even happen in my server).
So no toolgun, gravity gun etc… Just fists and perhaps car keys or job items.
Is there such a gamemode like this?

Thank you in advance for the help! :smiley:

Well look around on the enternet and play some roleplay gamemodes but add me on steam if you wanne talk about good gamemodes gonna show them.

Pretty good gamemode; good replacement to PERP.