Buying A Server, Anybody Know How Sleek Servers Is?

I recently noticed on the server providers list at (Wiki) they added a cheaper provider called Sleek Servers. They definitely have very low prices but before I get one I would like to know if anybody else knows anything good or bad about them.

Sort by USD and it will be the second from the top. I just really want to make sure I am making the right choice.

Just a note that anyone can add to that list, and it seems it was the owner that did

For 50 cents a slot, and a company I’ve never heard of, you’d be taking a risk.

I have bought a server from sleek once, they were slow doing things and there control panel failed me multiple times with simple tasks so…I wouldn’t suggest it.

I suggest Samp-Servers though, I will be buying a server from them soon but my friend works for the company and its cheap, working, fast.

They even have a deal up code quarter for 25% first month :smiley:

(Its cheaper then Sleek btw)

Wow, those are awesome prices! I’m surprised they’re not on the server providers list…
Would you happen to know if they have these features for free?

sv_downloadurl Hosting

Also, are there any extra fees?

2:55 PM - Brant | No Extra Fees
2:55 PM - Brant | we provide Sponsorships to growing communities that have potential
2:55 PM - Brant | which will let you have1-2 free products
2:55 PM - Brant | :slight_smile:

I’m guessing you have to SVN update your own files and no sv_downloadurl (its easy to do one though)

Okay thanks. Yeah the SVN and sv_downloadurl I’m not worried about if I can do it myself. I have tons of time on my hands and I don’t know why…

Looks legit.

Which provider are you talking about? And I’ve already bought one through Samp Servers.

Oh, never mind then.

I have a server from sleek, it’s not the best, but it’s better than other places I’ve rented from, and for the price, it’s pretty good. Frustrating thing is they don’t have svn updating, everyhing needs to be done by hand

That’s the same thing with Samp Servers but I can handle that. Just update on my comp and drag over to FTP. That does take a bunch of time though…

I’d go with
Two servers with them, can’t say anything bad about it.

Sleek lags quite a bit when it has over 10 people, does samp do the same thing?

And the bot is a lot of fun! ;D ;D

Sleek is pretty awesome.

Samp looks good but is it ?

Samp is the shit. got a server right now for my Treadmarks clan. Its a 16 slot and they put the server up hella fast and they also have great customer support. THey even gave a damn and didnt get pissed at me about me forgetting to start the server after i sent a question about it not being up.

Sleek looks okay to me. Plan to buy.

You think Sleek will do well if I want:

-10 Slot
-Very Basic Gamemodes. Sandbox, Fishing

Gimme a 1-10 how well Sleek could do with these.

Sleek or Samp?


I vote Xenon servers as well, I run a 10 slot server on there perfectly.