Buying Custom Entites For DarkRP

  1. Money Printer That Collects The Cash And You Press E To Collect The Money - Already Found
  2. Drug Plant - You Must Water Until Level 4 and you recieve 10k when done
  3. Custom DarkRP Hud 2.4.2
  4. Better Economy

Define Better Economy.

Isnt all that from Xtragaming…

that is wtf

The Clusterstruck gaming one got taken down for some reason.

Yes, cause today, drugs drop money when grown, not drugs. Not to mention, it drops the SAME amount of ‘drug’ (MONEY.), every damn time?

Is it just me or ppl start paying tons of money for getting a gamemode EDITTED. And that gamemode is mostly DarkRP…

So why don’t you edit it and give him the code? Make the money random in a certain radius. Then make the money actual drugs that u have to sell to get the physical money.

So stop being sarcastic and lazy. :slight_smile:

That is a system I have on my server, haha.
But I rather not code for someone else, when I can code for myself. It’s not the fact that I’m lazy, it’s the fact that when I judge the way he posts multiple annoying, rather stupid posts/topics, it speaks for itself. He’s not going to get anywhere with his servers, he can barely speak English.

The kids probably 9-12 years old, with a pathetic dream of opening a server, with no Organization, planned ideas, or anything. For me, I write everything down so I can keep track of my to-do list.

Anyways, enough with my speech.