Buying Garry's Mod 10

Is this possible to buy Garry’s Mod 10 from steam without Credit Card?

Yeah I think you can use pay pal with out a credit card. You could connecct it to a bank account.
Or buy a voucher for pay pal from a shop and make a pay pal account and but the voucher code in. :slight_smile:


And i think it is GMOD 11.

Yep, first one is a possibilty.

Be prepared to wait for around 2 weeks before they put the 0,01 cents on your back account to verify.

Literally it takes ages :/.

I think you have mistaken me for him. We both haven’t changed our avatars, and you did not see name.

Oh, thanks for fast reply. Is the voucher is buyable in EMPIK’s shops in Poland?

Prezydenta opłakiwać, a nie grać w jakieś głupie gry! :slight_smile:

No, it is not available in our beautiful country where even president flies in falling apart soviet planes. You can only transfer money from bank account to paypal account (as i did).

Uhhh, i don’t have bank account


Uhhh, i don’t have bank account

Give money to someone who has (apparently you are young, so deal with your parents).

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you sneaky bastard =P

Houston, we have a pirate! I lol’d so hard :smiley:

Look its a virus torrent

Okay, i pirated because i want to see it work on my PC


But i want to buy Garry’s mod and delete this video

(User was permabanned for this post ("Pirated Gmod" - Jaanus))


Too late, reported for warez bro.

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Not wise.

Well, there’s a camp they send people like you to…