buying garrys mod.

Hi I want to buy garrys.
No something has got me confused…
I heard that garrys mod 12 is available, and does this mean that this one is gmod 12?:
And do in need counter strike, or team fortress, for the game to work?
That’s not all I want to ask, but answer those 2 question and then Ill continue bothering :wink:

It clearly tells you tbh.

And it is the same gmod. So if you owned it, no need to rebuy it

  1. There is no such thing as gmod 12
  2. You will require 1 source game that is not HL2:DM or Portal first slice. is the only place to get the legit, latest copy of GMod.

yea and if I buy css, I will only have props from css?
But then… I can get more better ones from right?
And if gmod get updated it will auto update?

  1. You will get Counter Strike maps, weapons and props along with Half Life 2 Props, weapons, NPC’s and vehicles (You don’t get HL2 maps)
  2. Yes, but make sure it doesn’t require other games like TF2, DOD:S, Portal, Episode 1 or 2
  3. Yep
  1. You’ll also have hl2 props - they come with GMod.

  2. Yeah.

  3. Yeah

You will have any HL2 props. They come with any source game i believe.
There is no such thing as GMod10,Gmod11 or Gmod12. Its just GMod (since it became retail).

Hey thanks :slight_smile:
And another thing:
And can I buy the game cheaper ? :smiley: Im really low on cah right now :smiley:
And Im probably gonna buy this:

Nope. You cant buy it cheaper (legitly).
Sure, you can buy an account from someone else, but that is against Steam’s TOS and may get account blocked (wich i doubt it will), and usually those accouts are from scam (stolen).

you most definitly want CSS with garrysmod. almost all textures are from that game.

Yeah and popular game modes such as TTT use CS:S textures, models, props and maps as well.

Hey what about team fortress?
Will I get anything less if I buy it rather the css?
Becouse I like team fortres more

You should get CS:S and TF2, Most people have CS:S which increases the amount of game modes you can play, TF2 doesn’t appear on most servers.
But I would get both cause they’re both good games.

The reason you heard about GMod12 is just due to some big updates, and people started using bigger version numbers to refer to the pre-update versions separately. When you buy GMod you get the updates and any future updates free.

Ok im goonna buy this:
Ant then mp time :smiley:

Portal from the May free time does not count either, basically, you need one Source game you have paid for, other then L4D1 or 2

Hey and one more thing:
How do I play the multiplayer? and can I play it with hamachi? (My friends don’t own a org :P)

You could forward ports on your router , but Hamachi should work, if slow

It might be a good idea to have Half-Life 2: Episode 2 as some mappers use textures from it and it gives ya some more models AND the jalopy!